Angela the Bear   – by Emma my niece
Angela the Bear – by Emma my niece

Angela the Bear – by Emma my niece

There was once a bear called Paddington and when his parents died , he went to live with his Auntie and Uncle. He had lived with them for a few years and then left. But what they had never told him was that he had an older sister called Angela. She was four years older than him and she had left her parents before Paddington was born.

After Angela left her Auntie and Uncle, she explored deep into the forest to find the perfect home. But suddenly she met humans. These were not cuddly, loving humans – they were haters! They wanted to cut down trees and they didn’t care about harming the animals. As she was wandering about she was captured by the humans and they took her back to England.

When they arrived in London they left her there at the train station. How rude! It was freezing and she had to spend the night there. The next day a family arrived at the station from the Lily Tram (a train). They ignored her as they went past as if nobody was there. Then another family arrived and they went in the opposite direction. Shortly afterwards a business man arrived yelling into his phone as he walked straight past her. Finally the last family came out of the train. They too looked busy so she didn’t bother asking them anything. But to her surprise they came over and took her home.

The family provided a cardboard box with a blanket and pillows. They also gave Angela bowls of food and water. She found out their names and memorized them. Dad was Dave and Mum was Ashley. The daughters from eldest to youngest were Claire, Carson, June and Millie. The dog was called Nala and the cat was named Ginger. The two bunnies were called Brownie and Caramel. And lastly the horse was called Emma. They loved their animals for sure!

The next day they went to the post office ( to find if anything or anyone had been lost). There was no mention of a missing bear so the family decided to keep Angela. This was the moment that she decided to talk to the humans and she said “what a lovely house Ashley”. And of course they were all dumbfounded and speechless so she repeated the sentence. Finally they responded with “Bless my soul – a talking bear. Who would have known such a thing was possible!”

Every day they got to know Angela and they called her by her name so she felt part of the family. Over the next few years they travelled together. All of them went to school and the bear found out that Claire and Carson were excellent singers. At night they slept together.

One day they decided to go to the theatre to see ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.’ Here they met another family who also had a talking bear. Suddenly Angela recognized that this bear was her long lost brother and the family had called him by the name of Paddington. Angela immediately ran and gave him a hug, but Paddington was confused and wriggled away. Dave and Ashley were equally confused and came running over and apologizing. But Angela then blurted out “No! Everyone stop. I know him and we have both come from Peru. He’s my brother. I left before he was born. Mum and dad died shortly after your birth so Paddington went to live with Auntie Lucy and Uncle Pastuzo. So um yeah!!

Everyone was so happy to see them reunited and hear their story.


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