Bear Kindness
Bear Kindness

Bear Kindness

Angela, the mother of Bear Kindness writes,

I started knitting for pleasure a few years ago and found it very relaxing. I enjoyed making stuffed toys as they could be accomplished fairly quickly and it was fun to be creative.

I gave a lot of the woolly creatures away as presents. I discovered that whatever the age of a person, a bear could give uplift and joy. With my work as a healer and therapist I could use the bear as a surrogate. My clients appreciated holding a bear when they felt vulnerable, or when we worked with inner child issues. The bears all seemed to go to the right homes. One of my friends was about to go for chemotherapy, so she took her small bear in a pocket as a token of comfort through a challenging time.  Some of the bears went to a children’s orphanage in India, and it was such a pleasure to see photos of their radiant smiles when receiving such a small gift. It made me wonder if this could be scaled up and be a way to make a real difference in people’s lives.

During this time I joined a group called ‘The School of Love and Truth’. The intention is to dedicate goodwill and our various skills to serve people. As just one of our projects the first idea was to call it ‘Bear Necessities’, as the aspiration was to use proceeds from selling the bears for food, shelter and the basics of life. I also thought of donating a bear to people in hospitals as this could be a way of giving a virtual hug to a beloved. A teddy bear has always been associated with comfort and it would be lovely to pass forward acts of kindness. The name evolved into ‘Bear Kindness’ as there are so many ways to give whatever we can to each other, to lift spirits and promote well being

I’m now inviting friends to share my passion and enter the zone of creativity. It has felt peaceful and fulfilled even when connecting by zoom, so it’s been an absolute pleasure to be part of this project. The energy of kindness has certainly helped me with my own healing journey.

I’m open to letting all the ideas materialize. I hope you can join me in this vision. Some of the creativity will include stories so I’m collecting any inspirations along the way. Meantime wishing you all a bear hug and huge blessings of kindness.

Angela Kirk, 2.02.2021