Bear Witness
Bear Witness

Bear Witness

Today was a perfect spring day, yet Teddy was feeling poorly. He had a terrible toothache. Mama bear had done all she could to soothe his gums and gave Teddy special herbal remedies, yet still his tooth was sore. His siblings Betty and Ben went off to school, but Teddy was allowed to stay at home and rest. Ben had joked that Teddy was a ‘bear with a sore head’, which was probably true, but he felt vulnerable, so he just went outside to be by himself. 

Teddy decided to visit his favourite tree which always brought him comfort. He relaxed and leaned into the tree, feeling he was connecting with the power inside, and that he could give his thoughts to the tree and receive some answers. Wonderful experiences had happened before at this tree that he had never shared with anyone, Teddy felt he was under grace to have this special ability. 

Today Teddy felt he needed help. Teddy wondered if he could give all his pain to the tree as this would make him a lot happier. He decided to trust and breathe deeply, feeling himself sinking into the earth below, and looking up into the branches above for inspiration. As he felt fully connected to the Tree, an idea came that he could travel within and speak to his tooth. He simply let himself focus inside and observe his feelings. He asked “What’s wrong?” 

To his astonishment he felt an answer come to him with no effort at all. The tooth said “I’m cracked and your defences are down. There is blocked energy and the pressure needs to be released.” This felt very true and Teddy was aware that he was worried about school and became tearful when he thought about it. He was afraid of failing and felt very sad. 

Then in the spirit of curiosity Teddy imagined he could ‘see’ and that this was an ‘inside job.’ He imagined his tooth as a space -it looked like a storage unit filled with grey filing cabinets. The area felt cramped and there wasn’t much room to move. He felt drawn to one file in particular which had the letters WHO. Teddy had no clue what this meant but it came to him “who is asking?” Perhaps this was a joke or had a deeper meaning. Teddy felt trapped in this space and wanted to escape the feeling of panic. He understood that all these files were memories of past experience and learning. It was then he noticed a trap door on the steel floor. There was a figure 8 shape on the floor which seemed unusual but to open this door Teddy knew he had to trace around this figure with his paw to give him the space to go through it. 

Teddy found himself in a whole new place. He looked around and could see the sea in front of him. To his left was a window reflecting different colours, and beyond that he noticed sheep grazing in the fields with their lambs. It felt peaceful. He looked with wonder at all the beauty around and the message was to ‘keep calm and carry on.’ 

Teddy now had more confidence and trust to let himself be transported to another scene. He dropped into another picture. This time he arrived in a forest which was both calming and serene. There were deer around, and here Teddy felt he could allow himself to be still and silent. He wondered if he should speak with the deer, but they were content to simply be at one with each other and Nature. Teddy was feeling less vulnerable now and was happy to simply enjoy these views. 

It was as if he had choice when he used his imagination. “What magic could he see in his life?” 

So now Teddy chose to move again and create another world of wonder. He landed in his mind’s eye by a beautiful lake that he wanted to investigate. He found himself looking all round and then seeing a Being of light, sitting in perfect stillness. Teddy felt he was expected. He felt nervous- he could see an orange glow as he approached. Here Teddy felt he was welcomed, and he almost forgot his toothache. He just knew he was in the presence of an Illumined One to help him, and all of a sudden Teddy felt overwhelmed with happiness for this moment. Here Teddy could surrender all his pain and worry. He was given messages for the future which might not make sense immediately, but would guide and bless him. He heard the words 

“trust I’m with you always. Come out of the pool of ignorance. Look at what’s reflected back to you. Know that you’re loved.” 

These words felt precious. Teddy was in bliss and trusted it would all unfold and make sense one day. He just absorbed the warmth and joy of the moment and tapped on his head to remember. Then he heard Mama bear calling his name and he slowly came to, happy to enjoy time with her as Mama joined him by the tree. It seemed to Teddy that miracles really did happen.