Celebrating the First Year of Bear Kindness
Celebrating the First Year of Bear Kindness

Celebrating the First Year of Bear Kindness

We started Bear Kindness in 2021 and it has been a year of learning and adventure.

We began with simple knitting and then the fun began. Part of the fun was in creating Memory Bears which are machine stitched. The internet has been a treasure trove for finding wonderful materials. We decided to use sustainable fabrics whenever possible. We then found mohair fabric which is fabulous for making Heritage Bears. These are fully jointed and are made to last as handcrafted keepsakes.

Moments of Joy

Having collected a variety of bears, we decided to go to an indoor local market in Pebsham to see if we could sell some of the stock before Christmas, with the proceeds going to charity. We just needed to take some food for their food bank. The Mayor came to our stall to have a look, but generally the day was disappointing as we hardly sold anything. We decided to raffle a couple of the big bears and this was definitely a success with the two bears going to a ‘good home’. There was, however, a real highlight to our time there. I met a little girl who had taken a shine to one of the knitted cats and really wanted her mother to buy it for her. Sadly she could only afford to spend £3, and the sale price was higher, but we gave it to her at that price as she was so excited with the kitty in her hand. Once her mum purchased it for her she literally skipped down the length of the hall in her joy .Then just five minutes later she was back showing me her cat again and asking me what his name was! It was such a sweet moment and after a pause she said perhaps his name was ‘Whiskers’. Then she ran back to her mum looking very happy, and for us it made our day.

Some of the remaining stock went to a food bank to be distributed as Christmas presents.

The Teddy Bear Tea Party

It has been wonderful to follow the bears to their new homes and see how they get on. Here is a picture of some children enjoying a Teddy Bear tea party with their bears. We are hoping to collect a gallery of paintings, stories and photos of special moments with the bears so please do share anything you can with us.

Upcoming Play Days

We are now planning to do some fun creative days together. Making knitted toys really helped me during lockdown and I’d love to share some new techniques and skills that I have learnt. Having tried all sorts of materials I’ve put together a felt material kit to make a bear that can be hand sewn. All the tools will be provided and I will be on hand to help in any way. My experience with using Liberating Touch meant that I felt truly in the ‘creative zone’ so we will start the day with meditation techniques to create with the Creator. We will follow the pattern and the learn how to insert the joints so all the limbs can move. We will add safety eyes and embroider a face to make it special. Then to finish we stuff the bear and can add any messages inside. The back is sewn up with ladder stitch to bring it all together and we then just need to add a bow and give a name to the bear. Along the way we will share our experiences so the day is healing, harmonious, satisfying and brings joy. At the end of the day we have put it all together and can go home with something special.

My first Play Day is on the 12th March which is my birthday so I will make a cake for us to celebrate! Lunch and all the materials are included in the cost which is £55. This event will take place in Angela’s Healing Sanctuary in Bexhill on Sea.

Please contact Angela for any further details and to pay on 07500 060623

This will the first of the Bear Kindness ‘Play Days’ and I will add more dates throughout the year.

Meantime very best wishes and I look forward to connecting with everyone.