Latest News: Bears that Comfort and Festive Blessings
Latest News: Bears that Comfort and Festive Blessings

Latest News: Bears that Comfort and Festive Blessings

Newsletter December 2021

Greetings everyone and hope you’re all beginning to feel the magic of Christmas as we prepare for the festivities.

We just thought it would be lovely to share the journey so far. It’s been almost a year since we started in January 2021.

It all started when I began knitting a few years ago for the  pure joy of being creative. Sharing ideas and skills has been surprisingly fun and therapeutic. I have been making toys for friends over the past few years. Despite restrictions we have been able to come together and it’s been lovely for me to teach people how to knit or play together in harmony. I’ve noticed we  get into the ‘creative zone’ and then enjoy some quiet time together.

This year my passion has been to learn the art of hand stitching heirloom bears, using wonderful mohair material for that authentic teddy bear feel. Each bespoke ‘character’ has articulating joints which is quite a challenge to  do, but very satisfying. 

One lovely memory of childhood was watching my mother at her sewing machine making my sister and I beautiful dresses. The smell of that sewing machine was a delight, and my job was to clear up the mess and pins afterwards. It has taken me all these years to try the sewing machine myself, but it has been so rewarding. Over the last few months I have been making  material bears which is such a different process from knitting. I find it is like a meditation when I’m making something. I like to imagine who will receive the bear and then  stuff it with prayers and good wishes so the person feels the love. These ‘characters’  will be guided to their guardians.  So the aspiration is that they will all find their right homes where they are most needed. This seems to happen organically. As part of my healing work I noticed clients would hug a bear to feel some comfort. They may have been going through a vulnerable time or healing from a trauma, so the bear was safe and they could cuddle something soft. As well as children the elderly may also be in need of a ‘friend’ if they feel lonely. The bear can provide a token of sweetness when life feels uncertain. Or with Christmas coming a new Teddy may be the perfect present just for the joy of it.

Lately we have been sourcing a variety of fabrics and we will begin to introduce sustainable goods and include vintage material in the new year.

We do hope you can follow our journey of Bear Kindness. I love the idea that each bear will go out into the world carrying a message on a label for the recipient. It would be fabulous to have pictures of the new home or any drawings from children that we can display on the website. Also stories would be wonderful or letters from the bears to say how they are getting on. It all adds to that community spirit as we share acts of kindness.

So we wish you all a very happy Christmas and holidays full of love.

For more details about getting a bear please contact me on 07500060623.

May all the beings in all the worlds be happy.

Love and Blessings, Angela