Bear Kindness


Bear Kindness is now celebrating its first year (2022) and we are planning ways to continue to share kindness and joy. This website was set up as a way of serving and giving back to the community. The aspiration is to make toys that are sustainable rather than making an easily disposable plaything. And I’m hoping that all the woolly creations can be sold or distributed to anyone who needs upliftment and a connection to sweetness and love. So with this in mind I started to investigate all the ways to make a special teddy bear out of different materials that could be treasured and collected over a lifetime.

Here at Bear Kindness we create a variety of keepsake stuffed animals for you to enjoy for years to come. They are bespoke and hand crafted.

The memory bears can be a lovely way of remembering and honouring a loved one. We like to include special prayers inside the bear or add some personalised message to make it extra special. Then each bear is stuffed with love before being passed on to a beloved.

We also make vintage bears out of a variety of fabrics. Some of them are made from felt or natural hemp fleece. The heritage bears are unique one-of-a-kind pieces. They are made of mohair and natural fibres. They are  all jointed and each will have their own character with safety eyes and embroidered faces. The hope is that these  heirlooms could be passed on to another generation. And we now have a few that are ready to sell!

Please do have a look or contact me if you would like any of the bears. We have child friendly bears- Infinity bears, that have embroidered eyes and are made of pure wool. They are very cuddly whether they are intended for a new-born or a young child.

It would be lovely to hear how the bears are feeling in their new homes and we would happily welcome any stories or paintings from children to share on the Adventure page of the website. 

I’m looking forward to sharing this wonderful journey and love to you all.