Bear Kindness

Bear Kindness

Love, Serve, Be Kind, Delight in Truth, Share the Joy


We invite you to explore this website and fall in love with the bear that loves you. Join us on an adventure of Bear Kindness

Angela’s Healing Heart

Play Days



Play Days

“I would love to bring people together to relax and create with the energy of LiberatingTouch to support our growth and well being. I have found real joy in being creative and gathering with friends. I would love to share what I have learnt and teach the techniques that I have practised. Various kits will be available with ready cut pieces and everything in the pack. Instructions will be included to help with the pattern. The bears will be hand stitched and no previous experience is needed as I will be on hand to help. And by the end of the day you will have made something of your own to keep or donate as a gift.” Angela

Angela the Bear – by Emma my niece

There was once a bear called Paddington and when his parents died , he went to live with his Auntie and Uncle. He... Read More "Angela the Bear – by Emma my niece"

Celebrating the First Year of Bear Kindness

We started Bear Kindness in 2021 and it has been a year of learning and adventure. We began with simple knitting and then... Read More "Celebrating the First Year of Bear Kindness"

Latest News: Bears that Comfort and Festive Blessings

Newsletter December 2021 Greetings everyone and hope you’re all beginning to feel the magic of Christmas as we prepare for the festivities. We... Read More "Latest News: Bears that Comfort and Festive Blessings"

Forest School

Forest School by Angela Kirk The days of light were getting shorter and winter was approaching. Papa bear felt Teddy would benefit by... Read More "Forest School"

Bear Witness

Today was a perfect spring day, yet Teddy was feeling poorly. He had a terrible toothache. Mama bear had done all she could... Read More "Bear Witness"